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# 3  I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream

MK “Maleficient Guy” by Mat Kungler, “Aries and Libra” Series by Mat Kungler

Wings by -DRD- devine wings -veins

Birds and Pose by Axix :: untouchable ::

Hair by Dura *Dura-Boy*43 Dark 7color Fat

Men´s kimono with HUD  Men´s kimono with HUD SMart or NOt

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- Kimono mesh in 5 sizes 

- HUD for change colors bands 

- alpha modif 

- texture alpha modif to adjust if need.

[LANEVO] HAIRBASE - No.03 (Dura Black)

[LANEVO] No.03 Bun (Dura Black) resize




chaqueta para hombre,contiene los siguientes items.

-5 tallas

-2 alfas(wts y solo)

-hud cambio de textura con 12 camisetas(tienes opcion de ocultarlas),8 chaquetas,tres tonos de spikes,cinturon y cremalleras.

Jacket for mens, contains the following items.

-5 sizes

-2 Alphas (wts alone)

-hud texture change with 12 shirts (you have the option to hide them),8 jackets,three-tone spikes, belt and zippers.


Pantalón para hombre, con bolsillos en los laterales y traseros, contiene 5 tallas, alfa y hud de cambio de textura de pantalón y cinturón

Men’s pants with pockets on the sides and rear, contains 5 sizes, alfa and hud change texture pants and belt


Zapatillas para hombre estilo casual,contiene los siguientes items:

-un par de zapatillas(izquierda y derecha)

-dos alfas(con calcetin y solo)

-hud cambio de texturas,con 3 modelos en 5 colores(15 en total),puedes cambiar el color de los cordones,suela,lengueta,calcetines asi como ocultarlos,color de los straps y resize.


style casual shoes for men, contains the following items:

-a pair of sneakers (left and right)

-two alphas (with sock and only)

-hud-changing textures, with 3 models in 5 colors (15 in total), you can change the color of the laces, sole, tongue, as well as hide socks, straps color and resize.


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Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You

Good afternoon Hunters… I found new free gifts and a new land named Psycho Caos (123,165,806) for my set… Just do it… Just be A demon for a day…

Gifts by 10 lindens (with group):

Sneakers EUDORA 3 D Inmortal very very Mesh with

5 gifts DRD with group:

Enjoy it!

Complete set of photos

Second Surprise! Yesterday, Ydea has a new gift for boys… Do you like “The walking Dead”  TV programme? Yeah? Well see the gift! And be Your own hero!
Ydea Gift with group:
Ydea 3Q Walking dead
Mesh Sleeve sweater
Mesh Beach Boards
Mesh Boots
TP to:

Shape: Mr Bloch Stanton 02
Hair: Dura Boy 41 (dark brown)

The place:
RACOON CITY the Zombie Outbrea
Weapons: TRC SCAR Lv.1

Argrace Gift´s Day… 
Argrace has great gifts and great sales products including hats with hair for men… Just make the difference… I was on the store and people love to be in “Argrace”
Welcome Gift “MINATO” 

Minato hair for male was inspiring me thinking in the 90´s Duran Duran 
My photo set inspiration is “Duran Duran”
Argrace is so friendly too: “We will give away a special group gift to the new members. 
Mens and Womens hairs are contained the gift. 

Please tell your friends about this campaign♥ 
You can join our subscribe-O-matic group located near the entrance of ARGRACE main store. “

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